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Pasture Raised Berkshire Pig Shares

  • Half & Whole pigs available. Born and bred on Birch Rise Farm and raised on pasture. Berkshire pork is a darker, heavily marbled moist meat. Known as “the Kobe Beef of Pork” the quality and taste will have you wanting more!
Half & Whole Available $5/pound hanging weight and $1.35 per pound for smoking.

Taking Orders NOW ~ Use the GET IN TOUCH link for more information

half a pig

Pasture Raised Cornish Cross Chicken 

  • Broiler Chickens- The chickens arrive at the farm within 24 hours of birth. After 2-4 weeks in our brooder barn, the chickens are put into an outside coop and pasture.

$4.50/pound – First round of the 2021 season will be available to pick up in June.

Chicken Orders ~ Use the GET IN TOUCH link for more information


Pasture Raised White Broad Breasted & Red Bourbon Heritage Turkeys

  • White Broad Breasted and Red Bourbon Heritage Turkeys – Similar to the Broiler chickens, our turkeys live in an outside coop and pasture, making a tasty addition to your holiday season!

$4.50/pound – Available for your next Holiday Meal!

SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Holiday Season ~ Use the GET IN TOUCH link for more information


Free Range Pasture Eggs

  • Farm Fresh Pasture Chicken Eggs. Our Hens spend their days outside on fresh pastures and forest, not cooped up in small cages or huddled in cage-free barns.


Call Kate for Eggs 603-259-6660


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