Breeding Program

In 2018, we became one of the only registered American Berkshire Association breeders in New England with the purchase of a boar, Brewster and four sows, Pumpkin, Tulip, Peaches, and Violet.

In 2020, we turned over our herd and expanded. We purchased our new boar, Bob, from a registered breeder in Pennsylvania. We kept gilts from our registered sows and added a few others from a different farm in Pennsylvania. In total, we now have 10 total sows including 8 registered sows. Their names are Sweat Pea, Cami, Terminator, Mouse, Savannah, Georgia, Miss.Piggy, Penelope, Princess Piggy and Freezer Camp.

Birch Rise Farm Breeder #42504 Herd Mark: KKO

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