Birch rise farm

Welcome to Birch Rise Farm


We are the Osgood family and we are Birch Rise Farm. Ken and I met in Colorado and moved to Ken’s home state of New Hampshire to lead a more fulfilling life. We believe in raising children and animals “free-range;” out in the sunshine, working hard and doing things the old fashioned way.  Birch Rise Farm is located in Sanbornton.

We purchased the property and home in 2015, with the intention of not only providing a healthy lifestyle and diet for our growing family but sharing the highest quality meat with our community as well. In 2018, we became one of the only registered Berkshire breeders in New Hampshire.

Our goal is to produce healthful, flavorful foods, using no shortcuts. We focus on pasture raised chickens, pastured pork, pastured turkeys, free range eggs, and we are continuing to grow. The philosophy of our operation is to use as many all-natural solutions as we can while keeping the production of animal products as humane as we can. We intend to continue as a small farm, hands-on and personal, sharing our bounty with our customers. We hope you will taste and appreciate the difference as well!

Our operation is transparent and we love visitors (no drop-ins please, as this is our home) to see how and why we make the choices we do and how they affect the products that they consume.

Give us a try and you won’t be disappointed.

~From Our Farm to Your Family~

Kate, Ken, Hunter and Henry


At Birch Rise Farm we involve the whole family in caring for the animals that become our delicious meat products.  We believe in selling only the finest meat and the finest meat comes from animals and land that are well cared for. There are no shortcuts.

Our Berkshire heritage pigs, Cornish Cross chickens, and White Turkeys spend their lives on our green pastures and hills rich in minerals and with plenty of sunshine and fresh New Hampshire air. Our meat is never treated with antibiotics or hormones and we adhere to organic practices whenever possible.

Our animals are processed at a first class USDA process, cut and wrap facility and each cut has complete traceability to our animals.

We strive to bring the finest meat to your table, as well as the real story behind it, so you know just where your food comes from.

“ We had our delicious Christmas turkey from Birch Rise Farm and it was so much better than store bought. We know it enjoyed the life it lived and that made it feel even better!” – Rachel S.

“ The chickens we got from Birch Rise Farm were delicious. We enjoy visiting the farm to see the animals! “– Julie P.

“ The most amazingly fresh, gigantic organic eggs ever! I will never eat store bought again! Great service, great local farm!” – Mandie H.