Reserve Your Holiday Turkey Today!

Reserve Your Holiday Turkey TODAY!

Gobble, gobble! It’s time to reserve your holiday turkey for Thanksgiving & Christmas!

$5.50 a pound $20 deposit required
Scan the Venmo Code to send over your turkey deposit today! If you don’t have Venmo please mail a check to

Birch Rise Farm

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2022 season pounds ranged from 12 to 40 lbs!
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The Jake Deware Kindness Project:

For most of you, you’re fully aware what a special person Jacob Deware was but for those not fortunate enough to have spent any time with this incredible guy let us share our personal thoughts.  Jake was one of a kind in the most pleasant way possible.  He was quick to assist with anything he could from trapping nuisance animals to running excavators but took special time with our boys.  On many occasions he would visit longer to do puzzles with Henry or talk poultry with Hunter.  He made a tremendous impact on our lives and still to this day his name is brought up at the dinner table or walking around the farm. 

What is the Jake Deware Kindness Project you ask?  As his mother, Jenn Deware, so eloquently said:  “The intentions of this project are to continue to enrich our community with things/events and acts of kindness that would make Jake proud.  We will continue his kindness with random acts of kindness no matter how large or small; a smile can change a person’s whole day.”  This project is in the infancy stage but the projected goals mirror things that Jake perceived as goals and things he wanted to contribute back to the community.  These include robotics donations, financial assistance to youths to get into mountain biking, hunting and fishing, animal rescues, local scholarships and helping ambitious teens in starting their own businesses.

If you haven’t already done so, we highly recommend joining the Jake Deware Kindness Project on Facebook and reading the incredible impact this young man had on people and our community.

Beginning now, thru what would’ve been Jake’s 21st birthday (September 12, 2021) we’re Super Excited to announce that we’ll be conducting a fundraiser to benefit the Jake Deware Kindness Project.  In honor of Jake’s proud number 11, we’re going to donate 11% of the gross sales from now thru September 12th to the Jake Deware Kindness Project.  

Want to get your holiday, farm fresh pasture raised turkey?  Need some sausages for the upcoming football season?  We’ve got you covered.  To see more of our available items please check out our website ( or reach out via Facebook.  

For all sales greater than $100 you will be entered into a drawing to win a ½ pig to be processed in October/November.  The winner will be selected at the Jake Deware Kindness Project event being held at Highlands Mountain Bike Park on Saturday, September 18th.

How do you get in on the action and help a great cause?  Our Farm Store is open every weekend from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Stop by and check us out, get a farm tour, say hi to Pickles, Potato, Muffin or Dum Dum and hang out.  If that’s not your scene, you can order via our website and arrange a pick-up that’s convenient for you.  

On Saturday, September 11th we’ll be having the Queens from the MAKN ENDS MEAT food truck on site from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.  Stop by and enjoy some amazing food and help raise additional money for the Jake Deware Kindness Project.  Again, 11% of the gross sales from the food truck will be donated back to the Jake Deware Kindness Project.

If you can’t make it or would like to donate to this amazing cause please do so sending a check to “The Jake Deware Kindness Project” to the address below:

The Jake Deware Kindness Project

c/o Jen Deware

138 South Rd

Belmont NH 03220

Just Hanging with the pigs

This is how Hunter & Henry help Mom on a sunny day . . . .sun bathing with Bob!

tracking & friends visiting

Over school break ( yes homeschoolers get a break too!) we had some friends over to hike and track animals in the woods. We saw turkey, squirrel and bear tracks! Lots of downed trees and our beautiful creek.

cOnstruction on the farm

Big things happening on the farm right now! Over the past 8 weeks we have had a construction crew here putting an addition onto the workshop. This addition will give us more storage space, and enclose the walk in freezer to protect it from the elements. An added bonus there is now a door thru the workshop and to the walk in freezer eliminating the need for us to walk around the building. We can now help you all faster from the farm store!


Want to buy locally raised, antibiotic & hormone free, pasture raised meat but don’t have the time or space to make it feasible?  


Not familiar with a Monthly CSA Meat Bundle?  

Here’s how ours is going to work:

Once a month there is a scheduled time block for you to come pick up that month’s delicious meat selection. Not only does this save you time, but you are getting an amazing selection of locally raised meat. 

Some meat bundle’s require you to purchase several months in advance and ask you to prepay for that period of time. NOT US!   We are CONFIDENT you will be IMPRESSED with the QUALITY so are offering The Piglet, The Sow, and The Boar packages on a first come, first serve monthly basis.  Of course, if you’d like to sign up for several months at a time to secure your spot we would encourage that as well. We have a limited supply of each bundle. 

The Monthly CSA Meat Bundle pickup dates will be here at the farm from 8 am to noon on:

October 31st, November 28th, December 26th, January 25th, February 29th  

Can’t make one of these dates or times?  No problem, as you know we are always here and willing to work with our customers at a  more convenient time. 

One common question is “Can we pick what meats we want?”  We will create the packages but if you would prefer a different cut of beef or would prefer this pork roast over another we will DO OUR BEST to accommodate you. Just don’t ask for 10 pounds of bacon HAHAHA! **A sample list of cuts offered is available upon request**

Most of you who would be interested in this Monthly CSA Meat Bundle have been to the farm.  If you haven’t please come by and check us out. We believe in being completely transparent in everything we do and will gladly give you a tour and answer any question you may have.

Where does our meat come from?
Our pork (almost entirely Berkshire) is raised right here on the farm and processed at a USDA facility.  Our chickens (Cornish Cross) are also raised right here on the farm.  All of the chickens in this meat CSA will have been raised and processed by the time this Meat CSA begins.  The beef is raised on a farm in Maine specifically for Birch Rise Farm to share with their customers!
If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please reach out to Kate at or 603.259.6660

Chicken Orders


Meat Special

Birch Rise Farm Sausage & Ground Pork Special!

– Maple Breakfast Links 1lb package 4 Links

– Hot Italian Links 1lb package 4 Links

– Regular Breakfast Flavor Sausage 1lb bag

– Ground Pork 1lb bag

$6 per pound/ each 1lb pound packages

Pasture raised pure bred Berkshire hog.

Violet: A Hard Day on the Farm

On October 4, 2016 our lives changed in a way that I had never imagined. Three souls entered our lives in the form of hooves, snouts, curly pig tails, and hearts that made me realize what we were truly meant to do to better our little corner of this world: farm.

When you work directly with animals every day a bond is formed – one that is never truly forgotten and based on a deep and profound respect. These three pigs have taught us patience, persistence, and trust on a level that is completely different from what we have with our “house” pets. When you rely on a 500 lb (plus) animal to not hurt you while you care for them it’s means…well, it means everything.

In farming there is a responsibility not found in other professions – they rely on us for their health, safe and warm areas to rest, shelter from our crazy New England weather, fresh water, and quality food to sustain them. In turn they will provide our family (and our customer’s families) with food in its purest form. And for this we are forever grateful.

Today one of those souls – Violet – has made her way to Sanford where she will meet the end of her life with dignity. In her years with Birch Rise Farm she provided us with many little bacon seeds and helped us learn and grow as farmers. Last Spring she encountered health issues that made farrowing difficult and her production dropped. We gave her the summer and fall to see how she would bounce back but it became clear to us after her last litter that a full recovery was unlikely. After a lot of discussion we have chosen to let her go while she is healthy as another harsh New Hampshire winter could bring on the illness she had last Spring.

This decision is never taken lightly and for our farm this is the hardest one yet. Her legacy will live on in the form of her daughters, Emma and Molly, that will join the ranks of our breeding program in 2020. It will never get easier but we know she was lovingly cared for every day she was with us. We will be forever grateful for the lessons she taught us and the food she will be providing for our family. #birchrisefarm #violetthesow #farming #newhampshirefarmers #pigfarmer #berkshirepig #berkshirebreeder


Thank you to all of our customers! 🦃