There Are Some New Girls in Town

January 19, 2019 Early Saturday morning Farmer Ken & Grandpa Ken drove to Massachusetts and picked up Laverne and Shirley!  Laverne and Shirley are 16-month-old Berkshire sows who were raised on a small farm with sheep and chickens. Sonny, their previous owner decided that he was not interested in having large farm animals and contacted us via facebook to see if we could give them a great home. Kate and Sonny met in a Pasture Pig facebook group over a year ago when Sonny had posted about having a sick pig and not knowing what to do. The girls have both had two litters of piglets using AI (Artificial Insemination) and have never been around a boar. We were a little nervous about their introduction with the other pigs but the blizzard and very cold weather have helped with the animals staying in their shelters to stay warm and they have not interacted a lot.

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