Navajo Churro Sheep

The Navajo Churro Sheep

The History:

– descended from the Churra an ancient breed brought over from the Spanish Explorers to the ” New Spain”
– 17th Century Native Indians acquired flocks of Churro for food and fiber
– 1850’s thousands of Churro were trailed west to supply the California Gold Rush
– 1863 the U.S Army decimated the Navajo flocks in retribution for continued Indian depredations until only true blood survivors were found only in isolated villages in Northern New Mexico and remote canyons of the Navajo Indian Reservation.
– 1970’s breeders set to revitalize the Navajo flocks through the Navajo Sheep Project introducing a cooperative breeding program.


– known for their long-staple of protective topcoat and soft undercoat. They range in a multitude of shades white, tan, black, brown, gray and mixes of those.
– highly resistant to disease and needs no pampering to survive and prosper.
– the flavor of the meat is incomparably superior with surprisingly low-fat content.

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