Violet: A Hard Day on the Farm

On October 4, 2016 our lives changed in a way that I had never imagined. Three souls entered our lives in the form of hooves, snouts, curly pig tails, and hearts that made me realize what we were truly meant to do to better our little corner of this world: farm.

When you work directly with animals every day a bond is formed – one that is never truly forgotten and based on a deep and profound respect. These three pigs have taught us patience, persistence, and trust on a level that is completely different from what we have with our “house” pets. When you rely on a 500 lb (plus) animal to not hurt you while you care for them it’s means…well, it means everything.

In farming there is a responsibility not found in other professions – they rely on us for their health, safe and warm areas to rest, shelter from our crazy New England weather, fresh water, and quality food to sustain them. In turn they will provide our family (and our customer’s families) with food in its purest form. And for this we are forever grateful.

Today one of those souls – Violet – has made her way to Sanford where she will meet the end of her life with dignity. In her years with Birch Rise Farm she provided us with many little bacon seeds and helped us learn and grow as farmers. Last Spring she encountered health issues that made farrowing difficult and her production dropped. We gave her the summer and fall to see how she would bounce back but it became clear to us after her last litter that a full recovery was unlikely. After a lot of discussion we have chosen to let her go while she is healthy as another harsh New Hampshire winter could bring on the illness she had last Spring.

This decision is never taken lightly and for our farm this is the hardest one yet. Her legacy will live on in the form of her daughters, Emma and Molly, that will join the ranks of our breeding program in 2020. It will never get easier but we know she was lovingly cared for every day she was with us. We will be forever grateful for the lessons she taught us and the food she will be providing for our family. #birchrisefarm #violetthesow #farming #newhampshirefarmers #pigfarmer #berkshirepig #berkshirebreeder

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