Want to buy locally raised, antibiotic & hormone free, pasture raised meat but don’t have the time or space to make it feasible?  


Not familiar with a Monthly CSA Meat Bundle?  

Here’s how ours is going to work:

Once a month there is a scheduled time block for you to come pick up that month’s delicious meat selection. Not only does this save you time, but you are getting an amazing selection of locally raised meat. 

Some meat bundle’s require you to purchase several months in advance and ask you to prepay for that period of time. NOT US!   We are CONFIDENT you will be IMPRESSED with the QUALITY so are offering The Piglet, The Sow, and The Boar packages on a first come, first serve monthly basis.  Of course, if you’d like to sign up for several months at a time to secure your spot we would encourage that as well. We have a limited supply of each bundle. 

The Monthly CSA Meat Bundle pickup dates will be here at the farm from 8 am to noon on:

October 31st, November 28th, December 26th, January 25th, February 29th  

Can’t make one of these dates or times?  No problem, as you know we are always here and willing to work with our customers at a  more convenient time. 

One common question is “Can we pick what meats we want?”  We will create the packages but if you would prefer a different cut of beef or would prefer this pork roast over another we will DO OUR BEST to accommodate you. Just don’t ask for 10 pounds of bacon HAHAHA! **A sample list of cuts offered is available upon request**

Most of you who would be interested in this Monthly CSA Meat Bundle have been to the farm.  If you haven’t please come by and check us out. We believe in being completely transparent in everything we do and will gladly give you a tour and answer any question you may have.

Where does our meat come from?
Our pork (almost entirely Berkshire) is raised right here on the farm and processed at a USDA facility.  Our chickens (Cornish Cross) are also raised right here on the farm.  All of the chickens in this meat CSA will have been raised and processed by the time this Meat CSA begins.  The beef is raised on a farm in Maine specifically for Birch Rise Farm to share with their customers!
If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please reach out to Kate at or 603.259.6660

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